Good afternoon to our valued KH Network CU Members,

I am excited to update you on the direction your credit union is headed in order to better serve each and every professional in the Kettering Health Network.

At our meeting last week, the Board of Directors voted to move forward with a strategic plan to leverage technology to conduct business with our members at all sites.  This will entail using new tools to both interact and engage with all those we serve. More specifically, KH Network Credit Union plans to deploy a series of Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs).

An ITM is essentially an ATM with expanded functionality and enhanced personal service.  The ITM will provide basic ATM transactions such as cash deposits, cash withdrawals, check deposits, and balance information with an ATM or debit card 24 hours a day.  In addition, during business hours, there will be the ability to touch the screen and engage in a video conversation with one of our call-center professionals.  Implementing our ITM strategy will allow nearly all, approximately 95%, of the transactions that were performed in the branch to take place more conveniently and safer for our members. It will also allow for a larger amount of cash to be withdrawn.  All this with the same face-to-face personalized service through technology!

In the near future, we will be able to serve more members with the same personal touch we always strive to provide and live up to our “Taking Care of Our Own” way of doing business. Along those lines, we have long since had the desire to have the capacity to “take care” of everyone throughout the network. This strategy will allow us to do just that.

In order to focus our resources towards what will be an improved service experience for all, our physical branches – with the exception of our headquarters – will remain closed indefinitely in lieu of our implementation of our ITM strategy. You will be hearing and seeing more about the improved accessibility of our solution soon.

I know you may have questions regarding the direction we are headed.  This decision was made with a vision that will not only improve the experience for all current and potential members in the near term but also allow us to accomplish even more within the Kettering Health Network in the intermediate and long term.

We are excited about embracing the “new normal” by leveraging technology to serve more people effectively and safely. You can expect further updates on our implementation progress on a regular basis. Also know that both during and after this transition you can expect the same “Taking Care of Our Own” experience you have come to expect from your credit union.