Managing Your Checking Account

Having a checking account is an important part of money management. Learn to manage your account and avoid costly fees.


By following a few simple steps you can improve your credit history and get the loan you need.


Learn how to create and maintain a budget to pay bills, manage expenses, and set clear financial goals.

Auto Loan Finance

Before applying for a loan take time to review various auto finance options, evaluate your budget, and determine your car needs.

Personal Finance for College Students

To make the grade financially, you will need credit history and an understanding of budgeting and money management.

Money Smart Teens

No other time is more important to learn proper money management skills than while you’re a student.

Debt Management Options

Whatever your financial situation, it’s important to know that you have debt management options.

Investment Basics

Learning the fundamentals of investing will help you meet your financial goals such as planning to buy a home, helping finance your child’s education, or saving for retirement.

Guide to Home Ownership

Learn how to get the loan you need to purchase the home of your dreams.

Trinity Debt Management

This organization offers free, confidential credit counseling for KH Credit Union members. If you want to learn more about money management, planning monthly budgets and managing your debt, our Trinity Debt Counselor, Darcy, is waiting to hear from you.

Contact Jennifer Jensen at 800-758-3844 ex 3027 or email her at