Kettering Health Network Credit Union started small. The credit union was established by a few hospital employees in 1964 to offer affordable and accessible financial resources to their hospital co-workers. Although we have grown alongside the hospital, our commitment to provide the same quality care to our valued family of Kettering Health Network healthcare providers, their families, and networks has not wavered.

Our credit union is member-owned and operated and offers return excess earnings to our members with competitive dividend rates, interest rates on loans, and offering valuable products and services. The goal is simple. We take care of the people caring for our community. We are committed to placing service and members’ needs above profit.

We offer supportive, professional, and reliable services with integrity at the helm of all decision making.

Our vision for Kettering Health Network Credit Union:


We will be knowledgeable about our jobs as well as each of our team members. This approach builds trust within our team and allows superb member experiences. If a specific situation arises, we know exactly who to go to for expert advice to take care of our members’ individual needs.

To build and maintain member trust, we strive to get all transactions right the first time and keep all members’ information confidential; consistency, diligence, and follow-through is the best proof of integrity we can provide to each other and our members.

We believe our community members are special. We take the time to get to know our members, remember their names and personal details, such as where their children go to school or where they went on vacation. That is all part of taking care of our own.


A supportive and empathetic environment among our team matters to us. We work together as professionals who care about the importance of our responsibilities, being efficient, while at the same time caring for each other. Within this environment, we can cultivate a true cooperative space to provide our members’ best care.

We practice active listening with each other and with our members. This means having the intent to understand without interruption and, thus, having the ability to repeat the question or problem back to the other party to create mutual clarity. This also includes providing explanations in a way that our co-workers and members genuinely understand.

Enjoy What You Do

We realize that we can be professional and also have fun at the same time. By being respectful, positive, and personable, we can take our job seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. Many times, even on the most challenging of days, one cheerful smile or a laugh can work wonders.


We strive to maintain and grow an environment based upon teamwork. When we know instinctively that we can rely on each other, we create an experience for the members they know they can depend on us.

We follow-through on what we say we will do, both with each other and with our members. We make suggestions based upon the member’s unique needs, realizing that not to recommend a product or service that someone could genuinely benefit from is, in essence, a disservice.


We strive to relate to each other and our members. This allows us to adapt to each situation as well as to embrace the necessary change.

Ease of Accessibility

We strive to serve our members where they want us to be. This means providing multiple channels of access for them to conduct business with us.

It is our pleasure to serve each member and each other. Therefore, we take as much burden off of our members as we can, realizing that we can do much of our members’ work before they arrive at the branch. We also understand that while we enjoy seeing our members in person that sometimes a branch visit isn’t necessary to conduct business.

We empower each other with the tools and the knowledge to make decisions at the point of contact. The member should only have to work with one or a few of our professionals to access the needed services.